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ManaDrink | Origin Smartrr1
Vlaďka Testovací
Mana Origin

Nečekala jsem, že mi bude mana chutnat. Ale musím říct, že jsem byla mile překvapená.





Mana Powder | Sunlight

nic moc

je to na mě málo sladký čééče, znáte moji ženu?

sunlite drink

Docela divná chuť, která mi moc nepřijde jako tropické ovoce, ale ujde to.


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Fantastický ale nefantastický

Fantastický Fantastický ale nefantastický

Taster Pack | Mana
Markéta Pekarová Adamová

Dobrý den, jsem s manou moc spokojená a musím přiznat, že mi chutnají všechny 4 příchutě. Nejvíc mi ale stejně chutný meruňka.

Taster Pack | Mana
Stella Bonbo

Velmi zajímavý produkt, ale moc mě to na mě moc tekuté

Shajib Ahsan

There were some large delays in shipment, but once they finally arrived, I can safely say the Mana Burger is completely worth it. While the taste is not going to compete with some more quality burgers from local restaurants or maybe even Shake Shack, the texture, smell, everything else about the burger is perfect. On top of that it's super easy to prepare and add your own ingredients to, as its basically just another patty. Would buy again 100%.

Family Pack | Choco
Tori Partridge

Quick delivery, thank you!

Mana™ Starter Kit
Rachel Ortez

Very enjoyable. Tasty and filling.

Family Pack | Choco
Tory Nakamura

I love the product—that you can buy it in bulk and that you have true free shipping on large order!!! Will be a repeat customer.

tastes gud

ManaPowder | Choco
James Hankins

GREAT S tuff .... I'm on it for years to come .Very highly recommend that you try this stuff . Ok t got everything you need to stay well .

Mana™ Starter Kit
Brian Wilkerson

These items are useful. Use the metal scoop to dump mana into the bottle, add water and shake until you get a good mixture. The scoop fits with the bottle's rim, and the bottle doesn't leak when shaken.
The scoop is easy to clean, and the bottle a little less so. I would have liked a material other than plastic for the bottle, but at least the bottle is listed as recyclable.
The scoop takes guesswork out of measuring. Just fill it up, and you got a meal (or half of one, if you use one scoop)

Taster Pack | Mana
Brian Wilkerson

The taster pack is a great idea. It provides a lot of variety. Two pre-made drinks, one in each flavor, that don't require prepwork. Two small packets of the powder for mixing with water later, one in each flavor. So it is a full range sampler platter. The four packages are even recyclable!
Unfortunately, there is a lot of plastic packaging which is not. There are layers of the stuff. That is disappointing, but it is only the difference between A- or B+ and an A+. It is still a great product.

Taster Pack | Mana
Sara Buffington

Mana is everything I wanted Soylent to be. I've tried a few different meal replacements, and Mana is the best by a mile. The RTD shakes had a bit of a chemically note to me which was disappointing, but they were super smooth and still tasted good and did away with my hunger. What I'm really blown away by is the powder, particularly Origin. It is truly neutral and delicious. It's smooth, filling, not overly sweetened, and it doesn't sit heavily on my sensitive stomach. I work a physical job in hot temperatures with long hours, so Mana is a godsend for lunch, since it takes no time at all, and is yummy, filling, and refreshing.

ManaPowder | Choco
Timothy Johnson

I appreciate that it’s not super sweet,
But it’s a little strong of a flavor initially.
Still felt hungry shortly having a standard serving for breakfast.
But I’m eager to find out what it’s like after trying it for a while.
Obviously it takes a while to adjust.

Taster Pack | Mana
Colton Lacy

So far this is a great product. I just wished that the package came with more information.

Taster Pack | Mana
Tiffany Wei

I’m a fan! I have tried all of them and so far the powder formula is my favorite. I have been drinking them with a shot of espresso in the morning. Delicious, convenient and very filling! I’m so happy that I discovered mana to replace my old meal replacement.

Taster Pack | Mana
Yuchong May

The tester pack was great for my roadtrip during the holiday when I was traveling in areas with no vegan options. Thank you for the great tasting Taster Pack!

Taste like buttery chocolate maltomeal. Doesn't need much water.