Why Complete
With Mana?

  • Mana get you under €8 per day
  • No shipping costs
  • No conventional shopping needed
  • No cooking & cleaning costs
  • No waiting
  • Not beeing hungry
  • No hustle at all
  • No to boring stuff

Food For a Better Life

Saving Time, Money and Effort


  • Brain
  • Energy & Nutrient metabolism
  • Muscles & Bones
  • Immune system & Blood formation
  • Skin & Mucous
  • Hair & Nails
  • Health of Teeth & Gums
  • Heart
  • Eye & Vision

Health Record

161 health benefits 
in one sip

Mana holds 161 health claims approved by EFSA. By one sip you get them all in-one under few seconds. Perform better, faster and get stronger as a new standard in your life. 
Mana provide better performance for Heart, Muscles & Bones, Eye & Vision, Brain, Immune system & Blood formation, Energy & Nutrient metabolism, Skin & Mucous, the Health of Teeth & Gums and Hair & Nails.

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21St Century Food

Food Completed

Why there is nothing
else like Mana

Our vision has always been to produce a nutritionally complete, all-in-one product for a clean and sustainable life. Mana Mark 5 is a truly complete food that saves us time and energy.

Mana simply helping busy people eat better. For only 1.44€ per meal you have a nutritionally complete food that will give your body everything it needs. And its delicious, neutral flavour allows for endless tweaks and modifications. Clinically proven and laboratory tested. 

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  • Plant Based
  • 161 Health Claims
  • High Algae Omega 3 (EPA & DHA)
  • Vegan
  • High Protein (Oat & Soy)
  • 14 Vitamins
  • Complex Dietary Fibre
  • No GMO
  • Low GI 29 (Ok with Diabetes II)
  • Low Sugar
  • Clinically Tested
  • 24 Minerals
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Low in Salt
  • Free Shipping

Designing 21St Century Food

Mana products are truly exeptional

  • High quality sustainable ingredients
  • Industry-leading scientific approach
  • Amazing support & service
  • Designed by life
  • 96% lower energy use than other food
  • Improves air quality
  • Accelerats sustainable farming
  • Joining food movement
  • Supports better future
  • Having more fun!

Mission For a Better Life

Save the world!

Our Mission

Top-Rated Customer Service

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Our industry-leading customer support team is here to help. You got questions? They’ve got answers.